We build companies


Create is a NY-based venture studio that builds companies from the ground up.

Founded and backed by New York’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors, we rigorously ideate, test, refine, and launch category-leading companies. 

Our Approach


We love ideas. We spend our time thinking about problems and how we can solve them, so we'd love to hear from you. If you're interested in a space and want to talk about it with us, get in touch!


We employ a structured company-building process to take high-level concepts from whiteboard to market. Through our process, we aim to test, refine, and launch ideas as efficiently as humanly possible.


Our companies go nowhere without founders and teams to lead them. We are always searching for exceptional early-stage builders, operators, and visionaries who will take the reins on the businesses we’re building and drive them forward as stand alone entities.


We fund the seed round of each of our businesses and support them as they grow.

Our Process

We have three primary sources of ideas: 1) the founders who we've partnered with 2) internal thematic research where we we delve into the pain points in an industry we are excited about and 3) external ideators who are industry executives and experts that partner with us to research their insights and bring their ideas to fruition.
We leverage in-depth market and user research to uncover real pain points and white space opportunities in a given industry or sector.
We use studio resources — from engineering to design — to build and test MVP solutions. We meticulously validate all aspects of the proposed business — the problem, our conceived solution, feasibility, business model, and unit economics.
We refine the company business plan, raise funding, and recruit a world-class founder to take the helm. From thereon, we are the behind-the-scenes Co-founder. We provide the leverage the founder needs so that they can focus on what they do best, we handle everything else.

Create Membership

Create Members are an extraordinary group of founders and investors who have launched, backed, and advised some of the most successful ventures to come out of New York City.




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in Residence

The Create Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) exists for one reason: to help exceptional early-stage founders go from idea to launched business in under 5 months.
We are here to be your dream co-founder. We will help you navigate the idea maze, provide resources to accelerate concept validation, invest seed capital, build your early team with best-in-class talent, handle legal and bookkeeping, and serve as a continuous thought-partner as you prepare for launch and approach scale.

Studio Resources

Market Research
Testing & Validation
Strategy & Planning
Growth Marketing
Legal & Finance
Recruiting & HR

The EiR Experience

Over a 5 month period, you will be responsible for researching, proposing, and preparing a game plan for launching a new business. With our support, you will build an MVP a particular thesis and business model. Once we collectively agree upon an idea to pursue and a thesis, we will fund and support you as you grow your business.
  • Conduct rigorous research to uncover pain points or opportunities in a given industry or sector
  • Develop, refine, and execute various tests to validate the customer need and interest in proposed solution
  • Build and continuously iterate on an MVP
  • Develop a clear business model and company vision
  • Define go-to-market strategy and product roadmap
  • Obtain buy-in and securing funding from Create team and membership
  • Attract and recruit your founding team
  • Manage (with studio support) P&L, cash flow, burn
  • Develop OKRs and secure initial customers

Ready to co-found a business with us?